Saturday, June 26, 2010

Global Ingenuity (Or The End of Cannes)

The tide is shifting. We all know it. And as our creative community sits on the beach during the final days at Cannes, competition further slips away from the center of the advertising community. We are a global creative department now. Shouting to each other across our loft space on Twitter and Foursquare. "Hey, @jtwinsor thanks for the inspiration!" and "@edwardboches where do you think things will go next?" Competitors? Hardly.

The cover of this week's Advertising Age designed by young Grey creatives Garrett Dafferner and Salina Cole captures the spirit of our interconnected creative community, all of us, gears moving one another, thinking and inspiring elevated concepts, designs, tools, campaigns. A factory of thought.

Is there an agency-owned idea any longer? We are shaping each other's thinking at a rapid, highly-involved and engaged rate. Nothing seems proprietary. In fact, it seems wrong to hold back, to protect and control thought, to hold captive this global creative spirit.

This is a new era of creative collective unconscious. Our thoughts are one. Your Lion is mine. And mine yours. Our creative experiences are being shaped together -- a unified personal perspective coming together with each glance at your digital portfolio, your worldview, a follow of the creative at the Mac behind you, a Twitpic from the copywriter in Finland. I become you. You become him. We are ingesting each other's creative thinking, inspiring one another. Global ideation 24/7. A brainstorm that never ends.

What's exciting is the diversity of experience fueling stronger creative. We are all becoming smarter together, brilliant creative, leading to more brilliant creative. It's a communal creative brief written together each day. How on Earth are we going to enter awards against each other at Cannes next year? I suppose we'll just all have to go onstage together.


Chris Grayson said...

Is this article supposed to be a Kumbaya song-circle in reference to Big Spaceship and BBDO?

Gretchen said...

Chris, hardly Kumbaya. I'm actually reveling at the fact that agency walls are slipping away in many respects. I'm happy for it. The ideas are better, bigger. How are we going to judge our ideas when they are communally created? It's a larger question of ownership. Is there a place for it anymore? I inspire you. You inspire me. Yes, credit is due to Big Spaceship. But for now let's all hold hands around the campfire: "Rise and shine and give BBDO your glory, glory. Rise and shine.."

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