Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creating Legacy: Who are You?

So much talk in the social media space revolves around creating communities, building followers, and meeting business objectives. So little focuses on building legacy. Creating a lasting impression on the world, inspiring expression and providing hope are rarely at the table, but should be more commonly discussed, should be the themes around which campaigns are built.

In childhood, we're asked often what we want to be when we grow up. There's so much hope and inspiration behind that question. Something happens however when we translate that thinking to brands. Think about why your brand was created. What was the passion behind it? What was the inspirational moment that moved you to action? Brands need to live this passion in the social space. Couponing and sampling can only get you so far.

In this new world order of sharing, the best we can do as brands, as humans, is inspire one another to look fear in the face and walk right into it. Fear is just a concept, after all. It's not real. That passion that inspired your brand, personal or corporate, is the real you.

Eric Proulx, a laid off advertising copywriter and new found inspirational speaker and writer, spoke recently on the subject of living a life that's true to who you are. Here's the video, it's worth the few minutes -- you're (your brand is) worth the few minutes:
If You Aren’t What You’ve Done, What Are You?

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Photo: Julie Blackmon, Flickr Creative Commons


WILLIAM said...

There is a difference between building a legacy of a brand and making coupons and sampling when it comes to brands.

I look at it like music. Some companines just put out 1 hit wonders-Coupons- Dee-light and Groove is in the Heart comes to mind. Nostaligia and a good tune for me but really the only thing they ever did. Say like Crocs.

Now you take Brand (subtract the R and you get Band) like Bon Jovi or U2 or many others who have built a legacy and even though not every one may like the style, they still know the name.

Gretchen said...

Exactly. U2 and Bon Jovi are consummate legacy creators. There's heart (and a lot of hair in Bon Jovi's case) in their art, but there is also vision. Early on U2 recognized the greater good of their music -- its power and purpose.

So many brands fail to see this. They are not legacy creators. It's not difficult to do, but it takes courage. Courageous brands are few and far between, unfortunately. Now, however, social media is allowing access for smaller, smarter brands to gather consumers around a legacy concept. It will make them rock stars, no matter the length of their hair.

WILLIAM said...

Your Love is like Brand Medicine, brand medicine is what I need, whoa oh oh.

Anonymous said...
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