Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Imagination Renaissance

Guess what, society has finally had its fill of reality. Bad news for "Jersey Shore," good news for...well, everyone. Magic is defining a host of brands right now from jewelery (Van Cleef & Arpels) to film (Alice in Wonderland). The creative community is taking culture to a new place, a place nearly forgotten, a destination called Imagination.
Phantasmagorical images and magic-inspired product executions are streaming to market, society's lust for fantasy flooding expectantly like a pot full of water left too long on the stove.
There's a growing belief in the impossible. The possibility of impossibility, where fairytale and fantasy rule.
Maybe it all started with the election of President Obama -- America's first African-American president, a peace-loving diplomat during a time of turmoil -- it was the world's first step into Wonderland. And now, First-Lady Michelle's Jason of Wu-nderland sent this magical, flowing gown down the runway at New York Fashion Week last Friday.

Freedom. Flowing, uber-creative freedom. Embrace the possibility of impossibility. Now is the time for the creative community, it's our imagination renaissance.

Photo source: Paula Zargaj-Reynolds; L.A. Times; Nordstrom


JC said...

This is why I love you ... your pov creates beautiful strings of mental jewelry out of seemingly unrelated pearls. Hasn't Galliano been in wonderland forever? Why I love him! Let's hear it for the creative free-for-all that you predict is upon us. I have hopes. I must admit i've been inspired!

Gretchen said...

First of all, JC as a handle is hot. Can I start calling you that? Secondly, I love your prose in the comment. Not only what it is saying -- thank you very much --, but "jewlery...out of unrelated pearls..".what nice phraseology.

It is our time. Clearly a ban on creativity has been lifted. The creative community is always the one to push it first. It's our way of dealing with the sadness and confusion of public policy. I sincerely believe with Obama's appointment a new era of possibility emerged. The community is embracing this freedom. We will see amazing things in the coming years.

WILLIAM said...

I think that creativity is coming out or in fashion again because of the fact that reality is not so fun any more. People are looking for escape.

I think for expensive brands, where the common folk cannot afford their goods, they need to be more whisical and airy and almost flighty just so the American people do not end up hating them as the "haves:.

Gretchen said...

Interesting viewpoint, William--whimsy makes a brand more approachable. You are a creative person, however. I wonder for the less creative mass audience if whimsy is as attractive. It might be frightening. Or maybe we should assume, in general, people are inherently creative? I would like to assume that.

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