Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quit Your Job

Editor's note: Read post before acting on headline.

We all need to quit our jobs. (Keep reading.) Lack of innovation is driven by an adherence to a so-called "job" that defines specific roles and specific actions taken at said job. Each day we follow that job around minding its place and purpose without lifting our eyes to see what connections we could make beyond it.

Now, not everyone does this. There are people who refuse to follow a code. Those are the innovators -- the everyman Steve Jobs of the world -- who see beyond the expected. Beyond the expectation. And, God, we love these people. Forget Steve Jobs, they are our gun-slinging Steve McQueens -- hot, sexy amalgamations of smarmy brains and brawn. The doers. Or...the don't doers as the case may be.

The point is, the most invigorating ideas come from people, or a group of people, who refuse to follow convention. And, yes, there is a need for organizational structure and clear definition of who does what, but not at the expense of progress and creativity. For so many organizations patriotic dedication to silos, boundary-defined roles and departmental division leads to slower progress, or worse, boredom.

For a brand boredom is the kiss of death. We all know boring brands that could use more innovation. They are the brands who refuse to look outside their industry with intrigue, brands that refuse to embrace mystery and excitement. Well, the same is true with people. People need to look outside their given roles in life to see what is possible to improve them. They must quit doing what they are doing in order to accept new thinking and find solutions.

Now more than ever we have the chance to improve our lives. To shift thinking. The world is in a revolutionary state of change. Brands and the agencies that serve them must jump in fearlessly and participate in the creation of this new world order. Those that abandon convention, those that integrate with other departments to create new models of thinking, those that take risks based on intuition will succeed. And the job will not be just a job, it will be a passionate fight for innovation. So, go ahead, quit your job.


WILLIAM said...

Risk takers only get the accolades when they are successful...otherwise they become the scapegoats.

Gretchen said...

Ah, so insightful. The trick is for companies not to scapegoat people who fail. Companies that celebrate failure, that make it OK to not be right, but celebrate the effort in the light of innovation and vision will win. Will win big. Starbucks failed last year with breakfast sandwiches, but I still love the brand for trying something new.

順利 said...

一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有的多,而是他計較的少。 ....................................................

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