Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rock On: Five Rocker Tricks to Social Stardom

If all brands embraced their inner rock star the economy would readjust. I was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden the other night and realized all we need is Jeff Beck and Bono to solve the cash crunch. Here are tips rockers inherently exude that could radically shift a brand's presence if embraced:

  1. Get them on their feet. A good social program is inspiring. The most amazing piece of the social sphere is the interconnected sharing evolving a collective creativity. People want to share and help create and grow the brands they love. Get the people who love you on their feet, cheering for the next song, the next Tweet, the next offering from the brand.

  2. Thank the fans. "Thank you, L.A.!" So simple. So simple, yet it gets the most rousing cheer from the crowd. People want to be loved. Love your fans. Thank them. @ reply them. Give them special treats, secret sales, scavenger hunts. Please. Thank you.
  3. Don't tuck your shirt. There is a certain rocker aura that says "I'm one of you." Don't try so hard to "fit" the mold. Maybe, just maybe, if bankers took off the fancy ties, they could have fared better in the eyes of the public. The idea is to be a part of the culture in language and look and feel. Be real. Be comfortable. Be conversational.

  4. Dedicate the song. "This one's for you New York!" Set goals for the social program. Tell your followers what you plan to do. If they love you, they will help you achieve your goals. Challenge your followers to help grow a new market, then reward them when you hit a certain number of customers or followers.

  5. Have a set list. Social conversations require commitment, a beat that carries the melody. Know what you will be talking about. Calendar your social program and stick to it.

While each musician has a unique approach and style, they all follow a similar approach to performing. This, too, is the case for social media. It's not a medium to fear -- just embrace it and the songs will flow. Rock on!

Photo credit: Stephen Lovekin


F. said...

i love the attitude and the way you put words together :)

WILLIAM said...

Also, brands should do lots of drugs and have lots of hot groupies.

Gretchen said...

Thank you, Miss F. Fantastic comment, don't you think William? William...William...are you hanging out with the groupies again?

F. said...

William - just give it some time. time has the tendency to put everything into places.

but just in case - I would love to be a groupie, so when the vacancy appears - I'll be there!

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