Saturday, November 14, 2009

Suspended Reality

There’s a moment in the creative process when everything stops.  The image of the scene hangs breathlessly in the air.  It calls out “look at me, this is it, what you need to see.”  It’s the moment of creative actualization. 

It’s what I live for.

Despite lusting after that moment, I’ve often thought it a bit odd when it happens.  I’ve even closeted the experience.  Telling you, really, for the first time.  I’m hoping there are others like me.  Or maybe I’m just suffering from some form of advertising-industry induced hallucinations.  And not the kind I used to experience in my Chelsea days in the early 90s – that’s another post.

It feels similar to when you’re in a plane hanging above the Earth.  When the movement seems to stop and the rippling water below is quiet and still.

Everything clears.  It’s just the idea.  Standing there in solitude. A creative Polaroid.

It’s resulted in some pretty killer campaigns, so despite my possible mental illness, I’ll go on inviting suspended reality. 


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