Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Together Now: How to Not Suck at Crowdsourcing

I was just reading a bit of Twitterly chit-chat about crowdsourcing. I'm begining to feel a bit like I'm reliving my existential days at Penn--crowdsoucing thought about crowdsourcing. Good. God. For neophytes, crowdsourcing is the mass undertaking of an assignment to meet a business goal. Simple. Or is it? The most difficult thing about crowdsourcing is not the actual call to action, but rather the willingness of the individual to give up control. And by individual I mean CEOs, CMOs and the brand officers that "protect" the image. Trust is really the most perplexing piece of the crowdsourcing puzzle. Getting clients to the place where opening their brand up to collective thought may be the biggest hurdle. Great brands will thrive on this new world order of crowdsourcing. Trust will open the brand to its most innate evolution -- one driven by truths and built by believers. Consumers not only own brands now, but shape their reputation. Every day. On Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Blogger (knuckle-punch)...could crowdsourcing be replacing advertising? It's free thought commerce. A collective advertising agency. What could be better? For more on the crowdsourcing revolution read Jeff Howe's blog -- he's the guy from Wired who coined the term: http://crowdsourcing.typepad.com/cs/.

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