Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Power of One

One of my most loyal followers is a popular Daddy Blogger -- William at We've been discussing the power of the individual in communications. Clearly this is the new model of conversation -- I've heard fancy marketer types talking about "dialogue" replacing "one way" advertising. But I'm not certain it's as clear and simple as that. Sorry Wharton. Coming from a deep public relations background and being a former reporter myself, I am intimately familiar with the ethics of journalism. And ethics are not the first consideration of this new Everyman empowered communications landscape. It's almost as though "dialogue" is a less than acceptable term among some of the superstars of the blogosphere. A beautiful example provided by William: What we have are opinion columnists, intensely more powerful than former advertising models, because we know these opinion leaders "personally." We trust them. We trust them and their recommendations. Finding that one gem of opinion may be our first goal as marketers here on out. Where blog relations becomes less an "add on" to the marketing plan and more the lead strategy. And certainly agencies are doing it -- mostly boutique PR firms with maverick CEO clients that believe in the focus there. It is not the norm. Not yet. Imagine what an advertising campaign would look like focused entirely on seducing one person. A TV spot for one. A glossy magazine buy for one. A signature series of events focused on one. Bloggers, not celebrities, getting the swag bags. That one voice. That powerful one voice.

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