Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Infectious Idealism

I often talk about optimism with clients. It seems, especially in the past year or so, with the dismal news emerging from the grey corridors of Wall Street, there is an acceptance of negativity. Today on a call with a research team, I asked why they were focusing solely on measuring negative impressions of the brand we were setting out to measure. "Don't we want to know what moves people, what stirs and inspires them about this brand?," I urged. I had to explain myself several times before they understood I was looking for good marks for the brand, positivity, dare I say,... joy! I've always been moved by those who can see beyond sadness to correct perception and literally change the world. Ted Kennedy was one of those people. He is an inspiration, a prince of possibility, a force in optimism. In his honor, I urge everyone to believe in the possibility of their brands. Brands are very personal stewards of emotion -- we invite them into our lives -- they have the power to improve and change thinking. Brands with soul. Brands with infectious idealism.


WILLIAM said...

I totally agree with the sentiment bhind this post (although not with Ted Kennedy, you see politics, no matter how they work, always play on fear and fear is a negative emotion/thought.)

I have a thought for you and your next ad campaign..I want a kickj back...They say (who "they" are I don't know but what I am about to say is true)"If you have a bad experience with something, you tell 10 people. If you have a good experience you tell one person."

I Believe we should all flip that around. Or, we should focus on telling the just one person. Pardon the phrase. but we should "scatter Joy"

Just one.

A brand needs to focus on Just one, not on the 10.

Sorry this is not a funny comment. Let me try something ..

Knock how is that for a campaign. Knock Knock jokes. I can see the commercials now...I want royalties.

Gretchen said...

Right, and that's the whole concept behind social. We are conversing on a very individual level. Seemingly. There are some pretty popular blogs out there (there's one that's pretty funny about a guy and his family...poop and something...) that focus on communicating with that one person engaging with the screen. Individual dialogs that we listen in on-- we share together. It's without question, the most powerful tool, in terms of trust, that's evolved for us as marketers. And I'll try the knock, knock thing -- an entire agency built round the knock, knock concept called "Banana." We're on to something.

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