Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fear is Killing Creativity

We are creating advertising in one of the most radically transformative times in advertising history. Recently, I've heard clients say they "can't afford to fail -- not now." "Failure is not an option." And what's evolving from this paranoid state --this "challenged" economy-- is safe advertising, laden with pricing, sales messages and desperate tonality. Now, more than any other time in recent history, we have an opportunity to unite for dramatic creative, emotionally charged, delivered by social systems of friends inspiring thought and action. Humankind has turned inward for reflection, connection and discovery -- we must tap this. The time is now. Clients with the bravery to speak in very human terms, on truly emotional levels will win, will win big. Clients who brave the new social world online will enhance not only their sales, but their legacy. If you don't have a creative mobile program, a vibrant social media space, a dialogue where consumers live, opportunity is escaping--new media is not experimental -- it's exponential. Down with fear. Embrace the thought of failure -- it means you are moving, risking, changing perception, shifting the landscape. Welcome to the world of risk-takers.

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