Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Power of One

One of my most loyal followers is a popular Daddy Blogger -- William at We've been discussing the power of the individual in communications. Clearly this is the new model of conversation -- I've heard fancy marketer types talking about "dialogue" replacing "one way" advertising. But I'm not certain it's as clear and simple as that. Sorry Wharton. Coming from a deep public relations background and being a former reporter myself, I am intimately familiar with the ethics of journalism. And ethics are not the first consideration of this new Everyman empowered communications landscape. It's almost as though "dialogue" is a less than acceptable term among some of the superstars of the blogosphere. A beautiful example provided by William: What we have are opinion columnists, intensely more powerful than former advertising models, because we know these opinion leaders "personally." We trust them. We trust them and their recommendations. Finding that one gem of opinion may be our first goal as marketers here on out. Where blog relations becomes less an "add on" to the marketing plan and more the lead strategy. And certainly agencies are doing it -- mostly boutique PR firms with maverick CEO clients that believe in the focus there. It is not the norm. Not yet. Imagine what an advertising campaign would look like focused entirely on seducing one person. A TV spot for one. A glossy magazine buy for one. A signature series of events focused on one. Bloggers, not celebrities, getting the swag bags. That one voice. That powerful one voice.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Infectious Idealism

I often talk about optimism with clients. It seems, especially in the past year or so, with the dismal news emerging from the grey corridors of Wall Street, there is an acceptance of negativity. Today on a call with a research team, I asked why they were focusing solely on measuring negative impressions of the brand we were setting out to measure. "Don't we want to know what moves people, what stirs and inspires them about this brand?," I urged. I had to explain myself several times before they understood I was looking for good marks for the brand, positivity, dare I say,... joy! I've always been moved by those who can see beyond sadness to correct perception and literally change the world. Ted Kennedy was one of those people. He is an inspiration, a prince of possibility, a force in optimism. In his honor, I urge everyone to believe in the possibility of their brands. Brands are very personal stewards of emotion -- we invite them into our lives -- they have the power to improve and change thinking. Brands with soul. Brands with infectious idealism.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Super cool new Outdoor tools. Moss. Mud. Friendly to Mama Nature and will make you look like that super hip creative thinker you know you are. Could it be the end of vinyl?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Crispin VW Cause

Dear Crispin,
I'm sorry you lost the VW account. I am most concerned about what will happen with the Routan crisis. Is it for love? No. Babies for the love of German Engineering scares me. Will the new Agency of Record take on this cause? I do hope so. Is there a petition somewhere I can sign? Please let me know.
Yours in motherhood,

P.S. I read in Ad Age that this campaign was too smart for people. Boy, will they be surprised when they discover it's real.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fear is Killing Creativity

We are creating advertising in one of the most radically transformative times in advertising history. Recently, I've heard clients say they "can't afford to fail -- not now." "Failure is not an option." And what's evolving from this paranoid state --this "challenged" economy-- is safe advertising, laden with pricing, sales messages and desperate tonality. Now, more than any other time in recent history, we have an opportunity to unite for dramatic creative, emotionally charged, delivered by social systems of friends inspiring thought and action. Humankind has turned inward for reflection, connection and discovery -- we must tap this. The time is now. Clients with the bravery to speak in very human terms, on truly emotional levels will win, will win big. Clients who brave the new social world online will enhance not only their sales, but their legacy. If you don't have a creative mobile program, a vibrant social media space, a dialogue where consumers live, opportunity is escaping--new media is not experimental -- it's exponential. Down with fear. Embrace the thought of failure -- it means you are moving, risking, changing perception, shifting the landscape. Welcome to the world of risk-takers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

sisomo - TV Ads & Viral Video

Beautiful spot by Saatchi on the 250th Anniversary of Guinness. I'm not even a certified beer drinker, but damn this makes me want to drink a Guinness.
sisomo - TV Ads & Viral Video

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Marable encourages graduate students to examine their academic environment - Archive

I found an article I wrote on racism while a reporter at Penn. I love the language of "deconstructing whiteness." Marable is so ridiculously smart.
Marable encourages graduate students to examine their academic environment - Archive

Websites are Cool

Here are a few sites that rock new thinking. This one posted below from BooneOakley is entirely on YouTube:

And this one from CPB is a beta:

Crazy. Keep on truckin'.

I think I'm in love with Alex Bogusky

My husband knows. In fact, he's encouraged it. What I love is what he's most criticized for -- humor. When I was at McCann we had these little cookies at client meetings that said "Truth in Advertising" with Rodin's The Thinker embossed on top. They were so damn serious. Who'd have thought a cookie could be so dramatic. Great line, sure, but what about compelling emotion by not taking advertsing so seriously. Alex wears this wig -- I'm not sure I understand why, but it's funny. I imagine he would have looked great embossed on the McCann cookie. More on Alex later I'm sure on my FB page.

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