Saturday, June 27, 2009

Queen of Pop

OK, so after I posted this morning about Lady Gaga I started feeling guilty for saying nothing about the passing of Michael Jackson. I don't know how it's relevant, other than I think as someone responsible for being current on pop culture I should have probably mentioned the passing of the King of Pop on my blog before posting shiny neon rave bracelets from Lady Gaga. I have mixed feelings about him for sure with all that little boy love and such, but that wasn't what kept me from posting. I guess I'm just kind of thinking he has existed outside reality for so long that maybe his death doesn't seem real to me (btw, to read some funny postings about death visit The Bloggess: Again, that last link is probably not appropriate. I do love the man's music and he clearly has influenced a lot of the sounds and talent we've seen over his lifetime, as well as broken down racial barriers. Thank you, Michael, and I'll be sure to post more about you after I play the Matching Game with my five-year-old son who is tugging on my leg right now. But, you'd probably approve of that distraction.


WILLIAM said...

I love the bloggess. Also I did not know you were posting.

Gretchen said...

And I did not know you were posting to my post. I'm going to start pushing through Twitter. Kisses to you, my sweet William.

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