Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gaga for Gaga

OK, I've got a bit of an addiction right now to Lady Gaga. Ben, please no comments here. It's quite serious...and could be battling for the number one spot over my Starbucks obsession. My addictions are a bit different than most in that what appeals to me goes beyond product into marketing expertise. Starbucks, hands down, has led us into the coffee lair through brilliant marketing strategy. I won't talk about that here--there are hundreds of books you can read on that subject. Let me rather turn to our new popdiva, Gaga. I just happened to visit her site this morning and found Lady Gaga gear. A batwing hoodie, retro shades, stickers and this glow braclet...we're brainstorming some gear over at Oxford Communications and this just cements it for me.

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