Friday, October 3, 2008

Go, Biden, Go!

What a brillant job Joe Biden did last night. It must not have been easy to avoid attacking Palin -- she is such an idiot. She reverses all the good work women have done in the women's rights movement. She winked three times during the debate -- yes, she winked -- three times! Despite her "folksy" talk, her hometown of Wasilla has major social issues and a serious meth addiction problem she did little to help: The picture looks different now, right? She's embarrassing to us as Americans. We are working so hard to build credibility and the best she can do is giggle, message about "mavericks" and wink. She's not a leader, she's a cheerleader. I guess you know now my vote is going to Obama/Biden ticket.

1 comment:

WILLIAM said...

Speaking from experience...sometimes when the team stinks the only thing to do is watch the cheerleadrers and hope that the band at the half time show is entertaining.

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