Saturday, August 30, 2008

H & M: How & Must-You?

I adore Roberto Cavalli. Beyond his design it's his philosophy of fashion I follow. He insists woman have quality tailored pieces -- his mother was a tailor -- that they embrace sophistication and eclectic design simultaneoulsly. He is about self-expression. An amazing quote: "In the '80s, designers started to make unisex fashion. They tried to make the man and the woman the same. I think this is the most disastrous thing in the world." Something I'm tracking as disastorous, as well, is the new H&M line he is creating. I believe in accessibility to good design. However, design starts at its core with good tailoring. How does this come from H&M? With mass-production and financial margains, blah, blah, blah, is it possible to produce something wonderful? I don't think so. I feel we need to preserve the integrity of our brands. Cavalli and others before him -- Mizrahi, Rowley, et al. are not mass brands. The essence of their beauty lies in quality fabrics, beautiful seam lines. Stop the madness with the massification of high fashion. It's killing our icons.

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