Saturday, August 30, 2008

H & M: How & Must-You?

I adore Roberto Cavalli. Beyond his design it's his philosophy of fashion I follow. He insists woman have quality tailored pieces -- his mother was a tailor -- that they embrace sophistication and eclectic design simultaneoulsly. He is about self-expression. An amazing quote: "In the '80s, designers started to make unisex fashion. They tried to make the man and the woman the same. I think this is the most disastrous thing in the world." Something I'm tracking as disastorous, as well, is the new H&M line he is creating. I believe in accessibility to good design. However, design starts at its core with good tailoring. How does this come from H&M? With mass-production and financial margains, blah, blah, blah, is it possible to produce something wonderful? I don't think so. I feel we need to preserve the integrity of our brands. Cavalli and others before him -- Mizrahi, Rowley, et al. are not mass brands. The essence of their beauty lies in quality fabrics, beautiful seam lines. Stop the madness with the massification of high fashion. It's killing our icons.

Friday, August 29, 2008

If the Suit Fits, Wear It

Yes, it's been a while (thanks, Bill, for pointing that out), but I was so moved by Obama's speech last night that I have to post. As an observer of things, I listened to his words, yes, but was more moved by the images I consumed. The stadium was vibrating right through my TV screen. I felt as though he were with me in my home, talking directly to me. Actually, kind of similar to when Princess Leia popped out of R2D2 looking for help. He was talking about us. He was talking about us. He was talking about us. How long has it been since a leader looked in our eyes and said "You can change the world." His eyes were shining -- did you see? Shining like some crazy beautiful Greek God, or as my friend Sue exclaimed last night -- the second coming of the Messiah. More importantly (read with great sarcasm), for the first time in the entire election, his suit fit! Halleluia to his dresser and the custom-made Hart Schaffner Marx suit. Finally. This man looks and feels like a President.

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