Saturday, July 12, 2008

When Bad is Good

Please, dear God, tell me whomever created Mad Men is getting some kind of special treatment in this world. What a phenomenal character, that mystery man Don Draper. He's got me thinking about the beauty in bad. The uncompromising, pompous exploration of "manhood" and everything it's expected to be. I studied feminism at Penn, for christsakes, but I just love this bad boy behavior the pure objectification of the women around them. Yes, I said it. What's equally intriguing is the counterpoint exchange of power from the femme fatales pushing their folders around from typewriter to typewriter with a flash of their mascared eyes. What has happened to me? Power is beautiful. Here's another pop icon that works this. Mr. Kid Rock. He's taken the power of manhood and objectification to a level of celebration quite similar to Don Draper's den. The baddest mother-fucker on the goddamn planet. Thank you, Kid. Yes you are. Well, you and Don.

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