Friday, October 3, 2008

Go, Biden, Go!

What a brillant job Joe Biden did last night. It must not have been easy to avoid attacking Palin -- she is such an idiot. She reverses all the good work women have done in the women's rights movement. She winked three times during the debate -- yes, she winked -- three times! Despite her "folksy" talk, her hometown of Wasilla has major social issues and a serious meth addiction problem she did little to help: The picture looks different now, right? She's embarrassing to us as Americans. We are working so hard to build credibility and the best she can do is giggle, message about "mavericks" and wink. She's not a leader, she's a cheerleader. I guess you know now my vote is going to Obama/Biden ticket.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashion Week Spring 2009: Diane Von Furstenberg

Madame Furstenberg launched her fairy-like rock goddess collection at Fashion Week replete with flowing mini dresses, a killer gold sequined pencil skirt, and the best damn oversize orange bag this fashion-obsessed girl has ever seen. After 40 years in the business, Diane Von Furstenberg proves her place as its Queen.

Fashion Week Spring 2009: Marc Jacobs!

I've been trying like mad to get tickets to the shows. My friend Mark-Alan Harmon sat third row Marc Jacobs last night. So jealous. Here's some of the whimsical, 40s-inspired collection HE saw. Hats, brooches, t-strap heels, mismatched suits, big, animal print, look-at-me bags. Long live Marc Jacobs!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

H & M: How & Must-You?

I adore Roberto Cavalli. Beyond his design it's his philosophy of fashion I follow. He insists woman have quality tailored pieces -- his mother was a tailor -- that they embrace sophistication and eclectic design simultaneoulsly. He is about self-expression. An amazing quote: "In the '80s, designers started to make unisex fashion. They tried to make the man and the woman the same. I think this is the most disastrous thing in the world." Something I'm tracking as disastorous, as well, is the new H&M line he is creating. I believe in accessibility to good design. However, design starts at its core with good tailoring. How does this come from H&M? With mass-production and financial margains, blah, blah, blah, is it possible to produce something wonderful? I don't think so. I feel we need to preserve the integrity of our brands. Cavalli and others before him -- Mizrahi, Rowley, et al. are not mass brands. The essence of their beauty lies in quality fabrics, beautiful seam lines. Stop the madness with the massification of high fashion. It's killing our icons.

Friday, August 29, 2008

If the Suit Fits, Wear It

Yes, it's been a while (thanks, Bill, for pointing that out), but I was so moved by Obama's speech last night that I have to post. As an observer of things, I listened to his words, yes, but was more moved by the images I consumed. The stadium was vibrating right through my TV screen. I felt as though he were with me in my home, talking directly to me. Actually, kind of similar to when Princess Leia popped out of R2D2 looking for help. He was talking about us. He was talking about us. He was talking about us. How long has it been since a leader looked in our eyes and said "You can change the world." His eyes were shining -- did you see? Shining like some crazy beautiful Greek God, or as my friend Sue exclaimed last night -- the second coming of the Messiah. More importantly (read with great sarcasm), for the first time in the entire election, his suit fit! Halleluia to his dresser and the custom-made Hart Schaffner Marx suit. Finally. This man looks and feels like a President.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

When Bad is Good

Please, dear God, tell me whomever created Mad Men is getting some kind of special treatment in this world. What a phenomenal character, that mystery man Don Draper. He's got me thinking about the beauty in bad. The uncompromising, pompous exploration of "manhood" and everything it's expected to be. I studied feminism at Penn, for christsakes, but I just love this bad boy behavior the pure objectification of the women around them. Yes, I said it. What's equally intriguing is the counterpoint exchange of power from the femme fatales pushing their folders around from typewriter to typewriter with a flash of their mascared eyes. What has happened to me? Power is beautiful. Here's another pop icon that works this. Mr. Kid Rock. He's taken the power of manhood and objectification to a level of celebration quite similar to Don Draper's den. The baddest mother-fucker on the goddamn planet. Thank you, Kid. Yes you are. Well, you and Don.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunglasses at Night

Not that this is a new trend, by any means, it's just a classic trend. My first job in the industry was working at a boutique PR firm, Ted, Inc. led by fashion event impresario Ted Kruckel pictured here to the immediate left. Ted always wore his sunglasses either covering his eyes or on his head, but they were a fixture. My best Ted memory was watching him walk at night after work toward Seventh Avenue with his shades on, blocking the moon (?), and tossing the glass of champagne in his hand into the garbage as he flagged down a cab. Ah, yes, fashion scene, New York. Perfect.
And how can I talk about the power of sunglasses, without mentioning Mr. Dark Eyes himself, Karl Lagerfeld. I'm not certain what iconic accessory I like more from this man -- the shades or the fingerless gloves, but my God, thank you, Karl, for creating this image. Whenever I'm not certain if shades are needed, whether there are dark clouds in the sky or I'm afraid of crushing my Oliver Peoples in my bag, I think of Karl and his omnipresent shades. Yes, I think I'll wear them tonight.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Are Better Than One

These girls will always be a part of the fashion scene. Passion for design aside, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are consummate business women who understand the value of their twin brand. What's more they never seem as though they are trying to hard and yet, yes, they do push the envelope in their own personal style. Ultimately they will be icons for the industry. They are different than Posh -- not a flash in the pan, this dynamic duo. Fashion brands would be wise to cozy up to them more aggressively.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here he is Celebrity Stylist Mark-Alan Harmon at Prime Outlets International Orlando. I work with this beautiful man throughout the year on various events and wanted to officially give him props. Clearly the best stylist Hollywood has to offer and this child can wear plaid pants like nobody's business.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Ok, I love Balenciaga. I have a beautiful green leather wallet from this amazing designer that I truly cherish, but what were they thinking with these shoulders. As if women don't have enough trouble as it is with body image and proportions. Good God. I was in Barneys Tuesday and was able to see these bizarro shoulders for myself in person. It's just ridiculous. It looks like armor -- King Arthur gone awry.


I am always amazed by what I see. BBDO's "Voyeur" campaign for HBO is crazy beautiful.
Thank God for innovation in outdoor. I think I will start a protest against bad outdoor. Would you like to join me? Advertising is art. Stop the madness. Protest with me.

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